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We support students as they explore meaningful co-curricular experiences by providing resources, advising and programming.  

Our efforts contribute to student success, foster an inclusive campus community, and prepare students for the global community.

Student Involvement, a sub unit of Student Leadership & Engagement, is responsible for student organizational advising including Student Government, the Union Activities Board, and over 600 registered student organizations. 



Lauren Padgett
Graduate Assistant

Commuter, Centennial, & Graduate Programming
600+ Student Organizations



Catie Trimble
Graduate Assistant

Advisor, Student Government Diversity Commission, UAB Diversity Activities Board & UAB Leisure and Entertainment Committee


Liz Thornton
Office Manager

Equipment & Room Reservations
Event Management
Student Employment


Matthew Reinheimer
Office Manager





Advisor, Student Body Treasurer & UAB Treasurer
Bookkeeper, Student Involvement, UAB, & SG




Kristen Kegerize

Manages 600+ Student Organizations
Advising for various programs, events, & traditions


Jermisha Dodson
Assistant Director

Advisor, UAB President and Executive Officers
Advisor, Student Government Exec Branch
Late Night Events and Concerts




Deborah Felder
Assistant Director

Manages 600+ Student Organizations
Advisor, Student Government Appropriations Committee
& SG Pro Tempore


Laura Stott
Associate Director

Advisor, Student Senate & Student Senate President
UAB Films Program

Eileen Coombes

Advisor, Student Body President & Chancellor’s Liaison
Strategic Planning