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We support students as they explore meaningful co-curricular experiences by providing resources, advising and programming.  

Our efforts contribute to student success, foster an inclusive campus community, and prepare students for the global community.

Student Involvement, a sub unit of Student Leadership & Engagement, is responsible for student organizational advising including Student Government, the Union Activities Board, and over 500 registered student organizations. 



Lauren Padgett
Graduate Assistant

Advisor to the UAB Black Students Board and Leisure and Entertainment Committee.



Catie Trimble
Graduate Assistant

Advisor, Student Government Diversity Commission, UAB Diversity Activities Board & the Issues and Ideas Committee.


Liz Thornton
Office Manager

Resource and Event Management
Student Staff Supervisor


Matthew Reinheimer
Office Manager





Advisor, Student Body Treasurer & UAB Treasurer
Bookkeeper, Student Involvement, UAB, & SG




Kristen Kegerize

Manages 600+ Student Organizations
Advising for various programs, events, & traditions


Jermisha Dodson
Assistant Director

Advisor, UAB President and Executive Officers
Advisor, Student Government Exec Branch
Late Night Events and Concerts




Deborah Felder
Assistant Director

Manages 600+ Student Organizations
Advisor, Student Government Appropriations Committee


Laura Stott
Associate Director

Advisor, Student Senate & Student Senate President
UAB Films Program

Eileen Coombes

Advisor, Student Body President & Chancellor’s Liaison
Student Involvement Strategic Planning & Assessment